Sanitary Protocol to Play Golf in France

According to latest French government regulations, from 17th June2021, masks are not obligatory at outdoor area, and starting from 20th June 2021, there will be no more curfew in France. Most of the hotels, museums, sports centers, cinemas, restaurants etc. are back to normal and ready to welcome you to play golf in France. Your heath and safety is our priority, therefore we have listed some of the major sanitary protocols here, in order to help you create a safe and lovely French golf vacation.

Golf Protocol

Do you know that almost all French golf course are opening now? This is the moment you can prepare your next golf escape in France. In order to make you a wonderful golf vacation, French government as well as the French Golf Federation have issued couple regulation to protect our golfers. The regulations include but not limited as please respect 2 meters distance while playing golf on course; mask still required in pro-shop, caddymaster, and lockers; all buggies, trolleys and other equipment will be disinfected by the club after each use; each player uses only his own equipment, no exchange of equipment,scorecards between players is allowed; players must disinfect their hands before handling any flag,
rake or stake …

Hotel Protocol

In France, every hotel has to respect the sanitary protocols that issued by French government to make sure your vacation safeties. Certain hotels, such as palace level, even reinforce more regulations to make sure our travelers will receive the best hospitality in France. Those regulations include but not limited as following: fast check-in and check-out service to reducing contact; employees wearing face masks in hotels; menus easily accessible from a guest’s own personal device through a dedicated URL and QR code, reducing contact of items; additional distancing of tables and seating arrangements for groups; limitation of the number of guests in the fitness center and spa, along with equipment sanitation by hotel staff after each use etc.

Restaurant Protocol

All the restaurants, cafes and bars in France are opening, and you will have chance to experience the fine French cuisine again. There are certain regulations that restaurants need to respect in order to bring you the best hospitality in France. employees will receive special training on COVID-19 sanitary procedures for their personal safety and for their interactions with guests to ensure their safety.the wearing of a mask is mandatory for all employees. For catering staff, regular hand-washing must apply. Hourly hand washing is required and measures regulating the flow ingress and egress are being implemented to minimize the risk of infection. a hand sanitizing station is available for guests…


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