Hauts-de-France for foodies

Savour a melting pot of flavours

Did you know that Hauts de France is a region that combines the best of its neighbours gastronomy and its own produce ? In fact, the territory has pervasive Flemish influence.
Moreover, moules-frites is a national favourite, but did you know that it originates from Hauts-de-France ? Many local specialities are cooked with beer !

Enjoy a genuine gourmet break

Hauts-de-France is a land of tradition where you will have the chance to taste a large variety of local products and savours. From seafood to beers, Chicorée and Maroilles, savour the products which have built the region’s reputation.

Local produce with a sea view

On the Opal Coast, wander through the authentic and charming fishing villages rooted in their maritime tradition. You’ll find a whole range of markets, terraces and restaurants to spend quality time and share quality seafood.

The local brew

Listed as part of France’s cultural heritage, beer is part of northern France’s identity. Appreciate it during a togetherness moment with your friends at a bar or try it at a brewery where hop growers will share happily their savoir-faire.

A taste of Lille

Located in the heart of Lille ‘Old Town’, rue Esquermoise, don’t forget to stop at Méert’s. This elegant and iconic bakery is a must-go during your stay in Lille. Their waffles are particularly iconic since they were the favourite afternoon snack of Général de Gaulle.

Maroilles, the finest of strong cheese

Maroilles is a cheese of character, the only AOC in the Hauts de France region. Produced in Thiérache, it is kept in a humid cellar where it develops the pungent smell and a lovely reddish rind. Its powerful taste softens remarkably when cooked, in flamiche pie or sauces.

The Potjevleesch, tradition in a pot

The Potjevleesch is a traditional dish from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, but this speciality was actually “imported” from the Flemish part of Belgium. The name means “small meat pot”, served with chips, this cold meat dish is definitely a classic for family meals.

The Welsh : say cheese

“Le Welsh” is a classic on the menus of brasseries in the North, especially near the coast. This old speciality originated in Wales and, according to the legend, came to the Opal Coast during the siege of Boulogne in the 16th century, where it got an extra dose of cheese.

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