Amazing food in Centre-Loire Valley

Taste of heart of France

Located in the heart of France, local food in Centre Loire Valley are totally different from others. Country style Pate will make you mouth watering, AOC goat cheeses will make your eyes wild open, dried pears will bring you back to old times, and of course, the famous Loire wine, will make you feel like a French royalty.

Delicacies in Centre Loire Valley

Rillettes de Tours, poached eggs au Chinon, saupiquet nivernais, pâté berrichon with eggs, chicken en barbouille, nougats de Tours, prune candies, dried pears … There are so many interesting local food in Centre Loire Valley that you wouldn’t believe.

Influenced by the elegant royal culture in Loire Valley, local specialties also seem rather delicate and exquisite. In centre area, you will find a lot inland products like pears, apples, prunes, river fishes, goat etc. which you will not find in any other French regions.

Taste of countryside - Le pâté de Chartres

Authentic Le pâté de Chartres, is one of the regional specialty from little town Chartres.

This delicious pate contains tender pork fillet, game with local spices, and add French delicacy foie gras inside, baked with fresh crust.

Le pâté de Chartre tastes juicy and meaty inside and warm crusty outside. It’s a perfect French appetizer go with a glass of  local wine.

Taste of surprise - AOC Goat Cheeses

If you are a big cheese lover, Centre Loire Valley is the place to be!

Goat’s cheese is one of the major specialties in this region. Strong smell but smooth and delicate texture that will melt in your mouth almost immediately. Trust me, you will get addicted to it easily.

And there are so many AOC cheese in this region are waiting for you to discover.

Taste of tradition - Dried Pears

Selected pears are peeled, placed stalk down in racks and then spend several days in wood-fired ovens. Once they’ve dried out, the pears are flattened out using a specific tool, the “platissoire” (to speed up dehydration) and placed in a warm room before being packaged, that’s how you make a Dried Pear.

Nowadays they are eaten rehydrated, soaked in Loire wine, Hypocras (wine with honey and spices), eau-de-vie or cooked in a sugar and cinnamon syrup…

Taste of art - Loire wine

Along the Loire river, you will find the red, white and sparkling wines made with local grapes. The unique earth and weather in Centre Loire Valley make the local wine very special apple, pear, white flower scent.

The local grapes like Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc etc. will make you feel like in wine heaven.

If you are a big wine lover, Centre Loire Valley also have so many wine routes based on different types of wine. Come and have a taste of Centre Loire Valley.

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