Golf & Spa/Thalasso

  • Pool at Hotel Royal - Evian Resort
  • Hotel du Palais Biarritz
  • Spa at Royal Mougins
  • Golf & Chateau de Taulane
  • Spa at Golf de Falgos
  • Terre Blanche Hotel Golf Resort & Spa
  • Hôtel Barrière L'Hermitage La Baule
  • Garden Golf de Margaux
  • Hammam at Barbaroux Golf Resort & Spa
  • Spa at Montpellier Massane Golf Club

France - the perfection destination for a spa holiday

Spring water treatments, inspired by Roman Antiquity, came back into fashion in France in the 19th century and are able to prevent or treat certain ailments such as rheumatism and obesity.

Thalassotherapy was invented in France, and there are now more than 50 internationally renowned centres around the country. The more recent balneotherapy uses a range of exclusive techniques to encourage health and fitness through the use of water-based treatments.

Carefully planned, personalised treatments, ultra-modern, high-tech equipment and highly skilled staff ensure significant improvements in the physical condition of patients, while doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists, hydro-therapists and beauticians are all highly experienced and undergo regular professional training in the latest techniques.

Thalassotherapy centres are situated on the coast. Spring water centres are located near to springs, often at the foot of a volcano or in the mountains. Spas are found throughout France. Choose between a day spa (often located in towns and cities), which welcomes day visitors and has no accommodation on offer, and a resort spa, where accommodation (usually a hotel) forms a part of the spa and where visitors can stay for several days.

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