Golf & Gastronomy

  • Wimereux Golf Club
  • Oysters anyone?
  • Hostellerie Bérard & spa - La cadière d'Azur-Cooking course (near Dolce Fregate Golf Club)
  • Basque Gastronomy (Credit Ecole des Gobelins)
  • Carcassonne Credit Paul Palau
  • Pélardons, sel et Olives Picholines, OT Nimes (credit Lilian Martorell)
  • Les Halles, Nimes
  • Escargots?
  • Honfleur Cote Fleurie - credit P.Jeanson

Wherever you are headed to play golf in France, the world’s most-visited tourist destination is going to showcase its gastronomy. 

There is no such thing as a French cuisine, but rather a multitude of cuisines which simply add up to make French gastronomy. Indeed, one could compare France to a huge gastronomic buffet featuring a great variety of traditional produce originating from unique “terroirs”. To say the truth, the country boasts an unbelievable culinary history coming from every corner of the country.

You may have heard of choucroute, cassoulet or bouillabaisse but what about Waterzoï, tablier de sapeur, daube, piperade, rillettes & rillons just to name a few.